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About Amazon Art Reproductions

Amazon Art Reproductions was established as a sole proprietorship in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada), in 1998, by W. Diane Van Zwol, R.N., B.A. (Honors), M.A., Certfied Counselor and Web Designer.

The AAR mandate is to promote the publication of poetry, in conjunction with artwork and photography.  


E-Ads by Amazon Art Reproduction

Amazon Art Reproductions (AAR) recognizes the merit of electronic advertising.  

E-ads are an effective marketing too. 

Graphics, personalized scripts or poetry can be added to your personalized banner or internet advertisement.  

Inquire about photography for sale!        

Lake Superior

Thunder Bay stands like a lone tree, or a person engaged in a moment of reflection, on the western shore of Lake Superior, right in the heart of northern Ontario. 

Custom Poetry

Custom poetry and photography available upon request.  

Reasonable rates.

LOVE 2010 AD

LOVE 2010 AD is a poetry project, designed to promote love poets and their love poetry.    

"Love has a multiplicity, complexity and diversity of expression.

Throughout the course of history, there have been many piece of love poetry composed by different love poets, all over the world. Many of those have been lost, destroyed or simply disappeared over time. 

At the same time, love is something that every single human being needs and thus love poets everywhere are called to unite and write love poetry!