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Motivation for Love Poets  

Love poets, unite and write!

What does NER-A-NER mean?

N'ER is the word that a poet uses for NEVER.

There is NEVER-A-NEVER, when one sees that there is always an EVER.

Hidden in the word NEVER, is the word EVER.

Simply drop the letter 'n' or the negative. 

If there is never a NEVER, there is ever an EVER.

Live life in the POSITIVE.

There is always HOPE.

Why not take the NER-A-NER approach to life?

NER-A-NER is a small business, owned and operated by W. Diane Vanzwol. It is registered as a single proprietorship, in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada).

NER-A-NER is also a motivational website for love poets.

NER-A-NER has been established for the purpose of interactive e-commerce, designed to encourage love poets everywhere to interact with one another, in terms writing and publishing love poetry.

Love Poets and Interactive E-Commerce

  • Independent business ownership

  • Picture yourself, as being an independent business owner

  • Learn the advantages of owning and operating your own love poetry business

  • Inquire about e-ad advertising for your love poetry

E-mail inquiries only, please.

Love is the basic commodity of life.