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W. Diane Van Zwol R.N.

B.A. (Honors), M.A.

Certified Counselor

Web Designer

Address: xxx

Telephone Number: xxx

E-mail: xxx

W. Diane Van Zwol is a semi-retired registered nurse with nursing experience in pediatrics, Doctor's office nursing, private duty nursing, palliative care nursing and community nursing

She obtained an Advanced Learner Teaching Certificate from Brock University, in conjunction with working as an Assistant Professor/Tutorial Leader for first, second and third year Philosophy students (1993- 1996).

She has received a Counseling Certificate from Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario and has experience in Christian Counseling.

Diane obtained a Web Design Certificate from Ideas Learning Center, in Thunder Bay, Ontario and continues to design web sites. 

Currently, she is self-employed as a freelance writer who is focusing on health related, medical and nursing articles. She writes and publishes on a wide variety of topics, as well as love poetry and short stories for Helium and Associated Content. Diane enjoys writing children's literature and is promoting other love poets and their love poetry.

Diane is currently the Medical Ethics Sub-channel Steward for and has won recent professional nurse/medical writer contests.

As a professional health care giver, she is a web site manager and contributing editor for the following web site:   

She is also the web site manager for the following web sites:

Diane is helping to recruit registered nurse and other professional writers for

She has telephone, customer service and marketing skills and works with Windows XP.

Suitable employment is restricted to non-lifting. 

Contact: For inquiries, please leave a message and an e-mail address on the Guest book.   

Employment and Education History

Employment History: 

1. Customer Service Representative (2004-2008), Young America (YA), Thunder Bay, Ontario


Target Financial Services

Target Visa - credit card management

T-Mobile - rebate management 

AT&T - rebate management

2. Customer Service Representative /Telephone Marketing (2001-2004)

RMH (NCO), Thunder Bay, Ontario 


UPS - surveys

Aegon Insurance - marketing and sales

Shop NBC - customer service and e-commerce

3. Community Health Nurse (1998 - 2000)

Olsten's Health Services (became Gentiva Health Services), Thunder Bay, Ontario

Professional nursing care in patient's homes in conjunction with a multi-level disciplinary team

4. Assistant Professor/Tutorial Leader (1993-1996)

Brock University, Department of Philosophy

Education History:

1. Small Business Development, Ernst and Young, Thunder Bay, Ontario (2001) 

2. Web Design Development and Certification, Ideas Learning Center, Thunder Bay, Ontario (2000)

3. Master of Arts in Philosophy, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario (1990-1997)

4. Adult Learner Teaching Certificate, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario (1996)

5. Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Religious Studies, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario (1982-1990)

6. Counseling Certificate, Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario (1980-1982)

7. Registered Nurse Diploma, St. Joseph's General Hospital School of Nursing, Thunder Bay, Ontario - Dr. Stephen Morton, Pediatric Nursing Award (1967)


Artwork and photography

Cycling and hiking