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About the Author

W. Diane Van Zwol R.N., B.A. (Honors), M.A. Certified Counselor and Web Designer, is a semi-retired registered nurse from Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada), currently self-employed as a freelance writer and love poet.


A Moment of Reflection: A Blog On the Move

"A Moment of Reflection" offers readers a look into the intermittent moments of the author's life, as she pauses and takes time to reflect upon various aspects of her life.      

Why An Autobiography?

Every author comes from somewhere and is heading somewhere.

Along the way, there are events that are highlights, in the life of the author. Sometimes, they are documented, while at other times, they simply 'disappear in the wind', so to speak.

Capturing moments of reflection along the way, offers a challenge. 

This particular photo depicts a self-portrait of W. Diane Van Zwol, taken during a brief moment of reflection, while cycling along McVicar's Creek, in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada).   

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