Catalog 1 - LOVE 2000 AD

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About LOVE 2000 AD

LOVE 2000 AD is poetry project, initiated by W. Diane Van Zwol, in 1997, to commemorate the turn of the century. It consists of poetry focused on the theme of 'love', written in conjunction with specific pieces of artwork and photography.    

Over the years, the work of a number of different artists and photographers have been featured in this collection. 


Artist - Greg Zelinski

'Kakabeka Falls' is a watercolor painting by Greg Zelinkski, a Thunder Bay artist.   

Photographer - Austin Cawlishaw

'The Sleeping Giant' is a photograph taken by Austin Cawlishaw, a Thunder Bay photographer.    

Kakabeka Falls

The Sleeping Giant

Photos by Austin

The Mist of Green Mantle

As you stand beside the river and you feel the misty breeze,

Try to let your spirit wander wherever it might please.

Take a moment just to ponder and let history unfold

The ancient Indian legend the Ojibway tribe oft' told.

The chief of the Ojibway, Ogama Eagle was his name,

Had a daughter named Green Mantle, who was soon to come to fame.

A tall and graceful princess with dark black eyes and jet black hair,

At seventeen was a captive of the Sioux Tribe warring there.

While being forced to guide her captives, Green Mantle led the way,

Down the Kaministiquia River, toward her camp that day;

Seeming to betray her people, traveled to the waterfall.

Some say that she swam the river; some say that she gave her all.

Today the mist of Green Mantle speaks of love of a rare kind,

Love that is so sacrificial, love that one can seldom find.

In the mist above the water and the sky, yet one can see,

The spirit of the Princess, down the 'Old Road', flying free.

W. Diane Van Zwol

Copyright 2009 AD 

Sleep On, O Gentle Giant

Sleep on, O gentle Giant, while the morning breezes slumber;

If we would haste to count your days, the years, we could never number.

Sleep on, O gently Giant. Know early sunrise light will show

A new peace within each dawning, as Nanabijou love does glow.

Sleep on, O gentle Giant. Lake Superior's waters roll,

From high waves to little wavelets; its rhythm ever calms the soul.

Sleep on, O gentle Giant. You'll rest forever and a day.

So much joy you shall awaken, in morning's beauty you portray.

Sleep on O gentle Giant. Your myst'ry ever shall run deep;

Perhaps no one will ever know all the secrets that you shall keep.

W. Diane Van Zwol

Copyright 2009 AD

Wee Laddie

The wee laddie marched on as he played.

Stalwart did he seem; to watch, I stayed.

The bagpipes were piping loud and clear;

Crowds began to gather close to hear.

His kilt swayed so gently in the breeze.

Ev'ry song he played, the crowd did please.

I thought as I saw him standing tall,

Surely Love inspired him, was his call.

The wee laddie played and marched along,

Round and round his stage with ev'ry song.

Now and then someone would wipe a tear,

As his music roused a mem'ry dear.

The melodies, yes, one that I heard,

Resounding as sweetly as a bird,

Showed me the wee laddie in each man,

Softly playing bagpipes in God's plan.

W. Diane Van Zwol©

Published in 'The Sounds of Silence'
'The National Library of Poetry' anthology

Austin Cawlishaw

Austin was born and raised in the city of Montreal. At the age of nineteen, he joined the Canadian Air Force, training as an Air Force policeman. It was during these years, that his interest in photography grew, as a result of specialized police training and opportunities to travel.

A highlight of his photographic career was winning first place in the black and white category, at a photographic competition for the Canadian Armed Forces, in Canada and Europe, in 1982.

In June 1988, Austin, with his wife and son, moved to Thunder Bay, when he retired from the military after twenty four years of service, to work as a counselor in the field of addictions. He retired from this profession in 1997, to pursue his love of photography, on a full time basis.

His interests lie in nature, landscape and portrait photography, a taste of which can be enjoyed in his line of postcards and photography sold throughout the Thunder Bay area. You will enjoy his work, as much as he enjoys bringing the medium of photographic moods to you!

The Terry Fox Legend

April 12, 1980...hope began...

Twenty six miles per day, Terry Fox ran.

An athlete born in Coquitlam, B.C.,

He wanted others to be cancer free.

At eighteen, he'd lost one leg in his fight;

He knew pain and suff'ring, man's darkest night.

He started at St. John's, in Newfoundland;

Left foot in the ocean, he took his stand.

Fifty three hundred miles, his goal, that day;

From east coast to west, a dream to relay.

Three thousand, three hundred and thirty nine...

Recurrence of cancer...end of the line.

On June 26, 1982...

The Terry Fox monument, bronze statue,

Was dedicated in the memory

Of this young man who fought, courageously.

Love, in its anthem, eternal refrain,

Oft' goes that extra mile, in site of pain.

As long as our God has more Love to give,

The Terry Fox legend...destined to live.

In memory of Terrance Stanley Fox

July 28, 1958 - June 28, 1981 

W. Diane Van Zwol

Copyright 2009 AD      


'The Terry Fox Legend' is the first poem written in conjunction with a photograph by Austin Cawlishaw (Photos by Austin).

(Photo currently not available) 

Ol' Friend

What pathway brought you home, Ol' Friend,

The road you trod that had no end?
What tender pasture did you graze?
How have you spent your younger days?

There's much about you I don't know

But still you have a certain glow.
Your quiet manner, gentle way,
Speaks more than any words might say.

'Twas Love that brought you here for me.

I see your peace, serenity.
In warmth of pasture's gentle sun,
I know you want to jump and run,

But time gone by forbids that joy

And other tasks that would employ.
The days of yours, soon winding down;
If you could smile, there'd be no frown.

You stand there contemplating still,

Your path of life and always will.
Within my soul and depth of thought,
I'll think about you as I ought.

So thanks for coming home, Ol' Friend;

God brought you round that stormy bend.
Together, we are safe and free
As destined from eternity.

W. Diane Van Zwol©

This is the first piece of artwork with poetry in the LOVE 2000 AD collection.

Watercolor artwork reproduction - TDI Systems Ontario

Greg Zelinksi is a watercolor artist, born in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada), in 1949.

He received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts (Honors), from the University of Manitoba. He has also received awards from the Ontario and Canada Arts Council. Greg was commissioned by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, to illustrate a book for Old Fort William, a local historical site and tourist attraction.

Greg's artwork has been featured in the Catholic Art Calendar. His limited edition prints are being displayed across North America, by the Northwest Group. He has displayed original works in the Thunder Bay Art Gallery and has reproductions of his work in local gift shops.

Greg has taught art at Lakehead University, Confederation College and the Lakehead Board of Education, in Thunder Bay. He is currently teaching in local organizations, including the Fifty Five Plus Club.

Greg's work depicts a wide variety of topics and local scenery. He portrays an exciting enthusiasm for life and a vibrancy of color. His paintings are becoming valuable art treasures for collectors.