Catalog 2 - LOVE 2001 AD

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About LOVE 2001 AD

LOVE 2001 AD is love poetry, written by W. Diane Van Zwol. Note that these poems represent an extension of the LOVE 2000 AD poetry project.       


My Favorites

Artists and Poets and Lovers

Artist and poets and lovers, all three,

Dream of new hope in a land that is free.

The artist, a painter, encaptures the peace

The poet can find in poetic release.

The joy of a lover enraptured, so sweet,

Makes life in its fullness, seem ever complete.

Artists and poets and lovers, all three,

Treasure a blessedness, serenity.

The artist portrays from the depths of his soul,

The unspoken word in the poet's control,

That gives to the lovers who tenderly play,

The zest for new life in their quest, day by day.

Artists and poets and lovers, all three,

In our hurting world, each one needs to see.

What artists portray is what poets can speak

Of true lovers in love, with love at its peak.

What artists can draw, only poets can write,

But in it the lovers find greater delight.

W. Diane Van Zwol

Published in the anthology 'The Images of Time'
Poetry Institute of Canada

Sheraton Moana Hotel - 100 Years

The First Lady

Waikiki's first lady, this grand hotel,

On O'ahu Island, weaves its own spell.

'Moana', it stands on volcanic shore;

Tourists and limosines come by the score.

Tropical flowers and palms waving high,

All bid 'aloha' while waves roll on by.

Surfriding tradition...monarch's delight,

Gath'ring of people while surf's at its height.

 Tall pillars standing, yet breezeway floors slant...

Palatial grandeur...but somehow one can't

Justify windows that stand at half mast...

Soft mournful breezes...war's shadow still cast.

 An artist's portrayal of unspoken sound;

Architect's splendor...myst'ry all around.

Victorian elegance holding sway...

Verandah, spindles...grand piano play.

 A banyan tree terrance, shaded white beach...

Extinction of monarchy...branches reach

Far back in history, ancient folk lore...

Hawaiian mem'ries erupting once more.

W. Diane Van Zwol 

Sheraton 'Moana' Surfrider Hotel
Waikiki Beach, O'ahu
'The First Lady' was written as custom poetry, as requested by James Kalyta, a visitor to the 'Moana  Sheraton, ' in O'ahu, Hawaii. (Photo not available).   




Walk in the Light

Walk in the light of truth and of deed;
Walk as a leader, planting His seed.
Walk in the joy of purest desire;
Holiest passion, to that, aspire.
Walk in the peace that only God gives,
Telling of Jesus, that He still lives.
Walk in the grace of His presence here,
Knowing each moment, freedom from fear.
Walk in His Love while doing His will;
Work for His pleasure, your life to fill.

W. Diane Van Zwol

Published in the anthology "Treasured Poems of America"

Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Inc.(Fall)