Catalog 4 - LOVE 2010 AD

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About LOVE 2010 AD

LOVE 2010 AD is new poetry project featuring love poets and their love poetry.


A Writer's Prayer

Heavenly father I ask you
Please if you have the time
Take a look at the words I've written
See if you like the rhyme

Too often I've taken the credit
For the thoughts you have given me
It is you that has put them there
Always been clear to see

You gently placed your hands
And let the right words flow
Some I don't even recognize
Others I don't even know

Some are from deep inside of me
Others have faded and died
Some words have struggled hard to be
feelings that wanted to hide

I pray when all is said and done
My words are written down
In ways that are never harmful
And bring smiles instead of frowns


Olivia Bredbenner R.N.

Healthcare: Helium's Caring Caregivers

A Great Hawk

A great hawk
I watch and wait
spiraling on thermals of insight

A great hawk
I thunder silently
impaling the unwary

A great hawk
I stretch my wings
dripping the blood of ideas

A great hawk
I settle to ground
devouring in delight

A great hawk
I watch and wait
riding my hunger

John McDevitt

The Aware Writer

Olivia Bredbenner

Heartbeat of Love

This heart became yours when we fell in love
Two hearts beat as one

Our happiness, our sadness now shared
Two bodies breathe as one

Our lives as they continue to unfold
Two souls exist as one

And as we succumb to the heartbeat of love
Two bodies become as one

Shaheen Darr

John McDevitt

True Love

She looks outside her window and sees the children play.

She watches as they run and squeal at the end of every day.

She longs to have those days again, but her body's frail and old,

so she sits beside the window, to keep her from the cold.

She recalls exactly how it felt, the excitement and the thrill

 of capturing the tattered flag and running down the hill,

and dashing after fireflies in the evening when they glow,

when life filled up the moments and time went by so slow.

She sits alone in her rocking chair,closes her eyes and smiles

 and relaxes as she brings to mind the memories and miles.

Her heart begins to flutter as she starts to reminisce;

her eyes fill up with tender tears; she remembers her first kiss.

She runs her hand across a page of a scrapbook in her lap.

She recalls the boy that took her heart; he wore a baseball cap

 and the bluest eyes that twinkled when he laughed without a care;

they grew so close that when he left, it was more that she could bear.

What do you do when in your mind, you're nothing but a child?

You awaken gentle memories and visit them awhile.

Your heart begins to swell and you long for yesterday

 and as you blink and clear your eyes, the clouds are blown away.

She's on the edge of leaving the world that she knows best.

She hugs the scrapbook tightly and tilts her head to rest.

She sees his blue eyes smiling, fondly in her sleep.

She takes his hand and holds her love...her heart ceases to beat.

She sits alone in her rocking longer asking why.

She leaves this world so gently, on the whisper of a sigh.

She joins him in the fields of green and laughs as their lips touch.

She's finally with her life time love, a love she missed so much.

Terry Aycock Ensign

Shaheen Darr

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here?

Said the boy to himself,

Sitting all alone,

Like a book on the shelf.

What is my purpose?

Why should I live?

I feel like an outcast;

I've nothing to give.

Life all around me,

Built up like a wall;

I try to escape it,

But stumble and fall.

I look to the heavens,

To the God in the sky.

A light shines down brightly.

A tear fills my eye.

I turn away now

And dry off the tear,

That has since trickled down

And is tickling my ear.

I know why I am here now;

To live, grow and love,

With help from my parents

And the One up above.

Written by S. Winter





Terry Aycock Ensign