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About LOVE 2005 AD

Love 2005 AD is a continuation of the LOVE 2000 AD project and consists of love poetry written, compiled and published by W. Diane Van Zwol, on the internet.    



A Love Poem For Children

(The day the moon would not go to bed)

The sun, waking up, was just looking around,
Saw all was not right; he did not make one sound.

The moon, standing still, was not fading away,
Although it was time for the breaking of day.

The stars stopped their twinkling and one softly said,
"Oh, what is the matter? The moon's not in bed!"

The moon stood there angry; would not go away.
"It's really not fair cause the sun gets to play."

The sun was so stunned. "But I have work to do.
I waken the flowers; show pets at the zoo."

"But I can do that! I'm not going to bed!
Just go back to sleep now!" the grouchy moon said.

"The moon's staying up!" All the stars were amazed.
"Just go back to sleep now?" The sun looked so dazed.

"If you don't go to bed, you will be so tired,"
An old star said softly. He knew he'd get fired.

"There's no place for stars in the middle of day;
Ev'ry one knows that they must go away."

"I am the king," said the moon, "And I rule!"
"What kind of crazy?" thought the sun, keeping cool.

"You know Mother Nature's in total control;
It's she, who decides, for the earth as a whole."

The moon kept insisting on having some fun.
"What I really want is to jump and to run."

"At night, there are shadows; the night is so still.
Why can't I stay up? When I want to, I will!"

"You want to stay up? Oh my, what will we do?"
The moon burst out crying, soon sun and stars too.

"What kind of a day is this destined to be?"
"I don't know," the sun cried, "But soon we shall see."

The sun stayed in bed and went right back to sleep.
The stars hung there gently, not making a peep.

The moon roared with laughter, "I really do reign;
I rule both the night and the day once again."

And so the moon hung there, up high all the time.
The sun stayed in bed as it just could not climb.

The day was too dark for the flowers to grow.
The pets at the zoo hid; they too would not show.

Then one little boy, who was tired of sleep,
Cried out to the sunshine, "Oh, why won't you peep?"

"I'm in my pyjamas and here I must stay.
I want to get up! Make that moon go away!"

"I'm waiting and waiting. Oh please, do get up!
It really is morning. I must find my pup!"

My mommy and daddy, they must get up too!
Oh sun, please get up soon, as we have things to do!

But the moon stayed high, hung there day after day,
"I am the moon and I'll never go away!"

The sun awakened when he heard that young voice,
"I am so rested, I can really rejoice!"

"Oh, I am so tired," the weary moon said,
"But if I would stay king, I can't go to bed."

He was really weary; became a half moon,
Then only a quarter and fading too soon.

The moon in full splendor, just bright for a while,
Was secretly snoozing and soon lost his smile.

Old Mother Nature was still watching there too,
"I see what's happened. I know what I'll do."

"You must be punished. You won't go to bed,
So I will just make you a half moon instead."

The moon looking stunned, did not know what to say,
"You mean that my other half's going away?"

"You are so dark and you think you are the king,
I want some laughter. I want children to sing."

"If you wish to argue, I can still make you less.
You just want to rule, so come on now, confess."

"I'll give you one cycle; you'll wax and you'll wane.
Now get off to bed as your dim light's a pain."

The sun jumped up quickly from his nice, warm bed.
"I've had such a good rest," the happy sun said.

"The sun rules the day and the moon rules the night
And now there'll be peace. That's the end of the fight!"

"But as for the moon, it's to wax and to wane;
It will never rule day or cause any star pain."

"Remember it tried, but from now, evermore,
For the sun and the stars, I've evened the score."

The moon was so weary, he went right to sleep.
The sun had forever, its own place to keep.

The moon slept and slept; he did not 'just have fun',
Not e'er in the land of the bright midnight sun.

"Awaken, oh moon," there are some who still say,
"We just get so weary when life is all play."

Now sometimes the moon still peeks out in the light,
When the sun is supreme, the moon brings delight.

The stars are now twinkling, once more as they should,
The sun's always shining, so bright, it feels good.

The flowers have blossomed. The pets at the zoo
Are all so delighted, they know what to do.

The little boy's growing and sings once again.
Love laughs up on high and says, "See, I still reign."

W. Diane Van Zwol

Copyright 2009 AD

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