Catalog 5 - Diamond Poetry

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About Diamond Poetry

Diamond poetry is a collection of poems written by W. Diane Van Zwol, on the theme of diamonds. These poems are part of the NER-A-NER motivational project for love poets and others.    


Diamond Poetry

Diamonds in the Rough

In the world that's all around us, in that mirror, we can see
A reflection glowing brightly, that portrays a 'you' or 'me'.
We may shine a little brighter; we may glow a little less,
But in truth and love eternal, diamonds, those who God does bless.
So just be a little diamond, even though you see you're rough
And enjoy your life's true journey, even though it may seem tough.
You may meet a few more diamonds and like you, they too will find,
As a diamond, called to be one, diamond's just a state of mind.

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Diamonds Are Forever

They say diamonds are forever,
Yes, forever and a day,
But if diamonds are forever,
Then they must be here to stay.
I think love will live forever,
Way beyond forever's day,
It's not diamonds as eternal,
No, no matter what they say.
Diamonds are a fleeting fancy,
Look, as soon they will be gone,
But if love is your true diamond,
It will ever linger on.
So if you are seeking diamonds,
And I know you always will,
Then just find the kind of diamonds,
That your life, with love, will fill.

Of Diamonds I Have Known

Of diamonds I have known,
And yes, there've been a few;
It seems, it's not just who they are
Or what they say or do,
That plots the course for diamondship,
A path they cannot hew.
There's clarity of thought
And purity of mind,
A vision with a mission true,
A brilliancy, we find,
That sparkles with a certain glow,
Portraying love as kind.
A fingerprint remains,
One left for all to see,
Of leaders, generating peace,
With certain harmony.
Of flaws, there are of course a few;
Light's truth, a legacy.
With grace, they leave a word,
That's oft' not understood.
Their energy, integrity,
Soon turns out for man's good.
Perhaps the diamonds that you know,
You envy and you should?
A diamond, you may be;
Adversity, your fire;
Refinement, in its highest form,
Masked in you, as desire.
Your personality you'll find
When you seek values higher.


A Double Diamond Dreamer

A double diamond dreamer, one who finds
The wondrous heights of joy, a path that winds,
Beyond mere realm of hope's reality,
Surpassing any simple fantasy.
A double diamond dreamer stands inspired,
With hopes and dreams beyond the faint or tired,
With knowing far beyond that of man's will,
With comfort from our God who says, "Be still."
A double diamond dreamer sees those dreams
As if accomplished, even though it seems
The dreams are still impossiblity,
In terms of something that can ever be.
A double diamond dreamer takes a thought
And places it where dreamers really ought,
In other words, beyond the realm of man,
And sees it as a part of God's true plan.
The double diamond dreamer sets a goal,
In spite of seeing part and not the whole,
And builds upon that double dream each day,
Instead of simply dreaming it away.
A double diamond dreamer dreams of love,
And knows that God can work from up above,
To make a single dream a double dream,
A double portion promised, is His scheme.


If You Think You Are a Diamond

If you think you are a diamond, you may be; you may be not.

If you see you're like a diamond, it could be that you've been taught.

If you think you've found a diamond, it could be another stone.

If you think you own a diamond, it may not be what you own.

If you think you love a diamond, you may not know what you love.

If you sparkle like a diamond, it could be light from above.

If you want to wear a diamond, if it's not, you might feel lost.

If you know the price of diamonds, then you truly know the cost.

If you seek to find just diamonds, there are also other stones.

If you choose to throw out diamonds, you may find another owns.

If you cherish ev'ry diamond, then you realize their worth.

If you recognize a diamond, you may give a diamond birth.

If you want to be a diamond, you may need to be refined.

If you have the fire of diamonds, you've found love and peace of mind.