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What's New With 'A Moment of Reflection'?

'A Moment of Reflection' is a blog on the move. As time passes, the individual moments of reflection will continue to grow in number. Each one is only 'a moment in time', but collectively, they are all part of that larger moment that we call 'life'. Life is meant to be lived and to be lived fully, in accordance with the higher values that make our lives happier, better and more meaningful.       

What's Else is New?

'My Photos' is the starting point for this journey of reflection. Every journey starts somewhere. In this case, reflection begins in a quiet, serene area, which for the reader could be any creek, in any location.

McVicar's Creek is hidden amongst the trees, deep in the heart of Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada). It quietly wends its way downward, towards Lake Superior. Beside the creek, there is a paved pathway, which makes it ideal for walking or cycling. Diane has just captured one moment in time, on her digital camera, while pausing for a moment of reflection beside McVicar's Creek.

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There's more to come!